Sun Behind Trees

Stirling Castle, Stirling, Scotland

As you travel, you see a variety of new cities, new landscapes, new sights. But there is a certain amount of repetition to the process: you travel to a place; you walk around; you wait in lines; you see something interesting; you take pictures; etc.

While we were in Europe, some things we did over and over turned into catchphrases.

The best example happened after I took a picture at Stirling Castle in Scotland. My daughter and I thought it was a pretty shot. Soon we started noticing other instances of the sun behind some trees and we took more pictures. Then it became a full-blown thing. Anytime we saw it, we’d shout “sun behind trees” and one of us would take a picture. We have a collection of them now.

Here are a few:

Glamis, Scotland
Bath, England
Bratislava, Slovakia
Oldest Tree in Paris, France

Interested in more? Read about my family’s adventure around Europe: Part I




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Robbie Allen

Robbie Allen

Now: Co-Founder Previously: Co-Founder, Founder

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