Downtown Durham is a Great Place to Start a Company, but Not to Scale One

Map of Downtown Durham
View from the Automated Insights office in downtown Durham

A new start

Stay or go?

Research Triangle Park

Research Triangle Park
Area map for the new office we are moving to in RTP

Pros of downtown Durham

  • Walking distance to many interesting restaurants — Mateo, Luna, Beyu, etc.
  • Close proximity to interesting venues — DBAP, DPAC, etc.
  • Close to the Duke campus
  • City “vibe” / cultural diversity
  • Short move from current office
  • Bus stop and rentable bicycles are very close

Cons of downtown Durham

  • Low vacancy rates, high lease rates, and long lease durations, which mean limited options
  • Limited, expensive, and inconvenient parking options
  • Long(er) commutes for Cary/Raleigh employees
  • Limited access to Raleigh talent pool and points east due to long commute

Pros of RTP (1009 Slater Rd.)

  • Can hire from anywhere in the Triangle — Raleigh (NCSU), Durham (Duke), and Chapel Hill (UNC)
  • Less expensive lease rates ($50K per year less for 7K sq ft)
  • Walking distance to many restaurants (Starbucks, Mez, Page Rd Grill, Jimmy Johns, etc)
  • Parking is plentiful and accessible
  • Commute times for the company overall will decrease by 25–30%
  • Very close proximity to airport
  • Bus stop in front of building

Cons of RTP (1009 Slater Rd.)

  • Office park “vibe”
  • Increased commute for people coming from Duke
  • Disruptive change of location for employees without a car
  • Longer move from current office

It’s All About the People

Map of the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area (Triangle)

Back to RTP




Now: Co-Founder Previously: Co-Founder, Founder

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Robbie Allen

Robbie Allen

Now: Co-Founder Previously: Co-Founder, Founder

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