Announcing Startomatic Launch: The radically easy and inexpensive way to start a company

Startomatic Inc. takes all of the tasks required to launch a business — from choosing a name and logo, drafting and filing legal documents, securing a domain name, creating a website, and setting up company email and social media accounts, just to name a few — and rolls them into Startomatic LAUNCH — a single, user-friendly platform with an overlay of easy-to-understand guidance.

Startomatic OPERATE then provides affordable, ongoing business support in a monthly subscription service with a customizable library of common legal documents, advanced website builder, SEO and DNS tools, trademark search, custom logo generation, and more.

Startomatic is offering LAUNCH to the first 500 companies at the discounted flat fee of $299 (normally $499) plus state filing fees, which range from $150-$300 in most states. That means entrepreneurs can get a new business formed and online in 48 hours for much less than most attorneys would charge for a couple of hours of work, to say nothing of the individual costs of things like logo design, domain registration, and website design, all of which are included in Startomatic’s flat fee.

Startomatic is the work of two serial entrepreneurs, Robbie Allen, successful founder and former CEO of two artificial intelligence/machine learning firms, Automated Insights and Infinia ML, and Andrew Fisher, a “recovering” corporate lawyer and cupcake bakery owner. Their combined experience and successes in the worlds of tech, startup law, and main street business drove them to make Startomatic the most practical, affordable business launch platform ever.

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Robbie Allen

Robbie Allen

Investor @TweenerFund. Previously, Founder @AInsights , Co-Founder @InfiniaML, Distinguished Engineer @Cisco, Writer @OReillyMedia